1966 Shelby GT350
VIN: SFM6S1757
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This 1966 GT350 was shipped from Shelby American to Hi-Performance Motors in Los Angeles on 5/9/66. According to the 1997 edition of the Shelby American World Registry, it is one of only 29 factory original black/white stripe 1966 GT350's, by far the rarest color scheme produced. Nearly all the black cars were Hertz GT350H's with gold stripes. This car was originally purchased from Hi-Performance Motors in 1966 by Gary Lewis of "Gary Lewis and the Playboys" who owned it until 1970. An interesting side note is that when Mr. Lewis purchased the car, for unknown reasons it had been repainted maroon by the dealer. Maroon was not a color available on 1966 GT350's. During the early 70's it was converted into a B/P race car by the third owner, Jim Baker, who actively competed in various club racing events throughout the Northwest. At that time it was painted blue with white stripes. The car has been restored back to the original color combination and street configuration with the following exceptions:

Racing modifications retained on the car:

  • Panhard rod
  • Rear sway bar (11/16")
  • Koni shocks
  • A-arms lowered 1" as in 65 and carry-over 66 GT350's
  • R-model front valance
  • Driver's shoulder harness

Suspension upgrades:

  • 620 lb. front springs
  • 160 lb. rear springs

Engine upgrades: (still looks stock!)

  • Original 289 HiPo heads ported and polished
  • Larger valves (1.94 int./1.60 ex.) installed with hardened seats
  • Original Cobra S2MS intake manifold port matched to heads
  • Modified 715cfm 3259 LeMans Bowl Holley Carburetor
  • Eagle 347 stroker kit: forged steel crank, H-beam rods, forged 10:1 pistons
  • Lunati solid flat-tappet cam (.552/568 lift, 278/283 duration)
  • Scorpion roller rockers
  • Motorsport double roller timing chain
  • ARP fasteners
  • McLeod Steel Flywheel
  • Centerforce Dual-Friction clutch
  • Cobra scattershield
  • Balanced and blueprinted

Transmission, differential, and driveshaft upgrades:

  • Original close ratio cast iron T-10H transmission rebuilt to Super T-10 specifications
  • Auburn Pro-Locker differential (4.11 ratio)
  • Aluminum driveshaft

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